Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Real Beauty of Women

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 Islam is only Religion that gives that value to women that nothing else could have in this world. Europeans and non-Muslims talking about the rights of women but they do not know what is the real right of women, actually women of non-Muslims and our modern society have become a thing which have some affordable value. And because of that women is used just for entertainment. they just misusing and ignoring the real right of women.

But value of women in Islam is!!!

Women has value as relations,

Mother: having heaven under her feet.
Wife: care should be taken like princess.
daughter: A special blessing of Allah for parents.
Sister: A dignity and honor of brother.

In short, women is like that pearl people only can imagine about that pearl, but nobody have power to check, touch and even to buy whatever they want to pay for. But only that person will have it free of cost who has legal rights according to Islam.

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