Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Android vs. IOS

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Operating systems was never as user friendly as today. This has been achieved by the fierce competition between developers and software companies. Today, in the wireless industry, Android vs. IOS is the hottest debate as they are the two leading mobile operating systems. 
When IOS was introduced in 2007 by Apple, it was very low level in terms of its features as compared to the current version. However, it only supports the Apple devices such as Iphones, Ipods etc. Apple enjoyed much success with its devices as they had revolutionized the mobile phone industry. Despite slower processors of apple devices, IOS feels faster to most users because Apple prioritizes the user interface over everything else. However, several surveys suggest android sometimes does not run fluidly but it has a lot to do with you device, version of android and what you run on it.
From a security point of view, both IOS and android have traditional access control such as password and idle screen locking to protect the device. To limit processes having access to sensitive data and system resources a permission based access control is used by Android i.e. a set of permissions are requested while installing each application. Moreover, both systems have some built in functions to resist web based attacks.
Like many other products, there is a lot to consider while deciding the best mobile operating system. Apple is user friendly but it limits the consumers in device customization. On the other hand, android is not as user friendly but it is more appealing to those who want more freedom with their hand-held devices. In the end, like everything else in the computer industry, the choice of which OS better suits an individual depends upon the kind of usage and user requirements.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Girls And Boys Conflict

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Boys or girls ki jang hmesha se he rahi hai, ye ak na khatam hone wali behs rhi hai. Khuda jane kis sadi me is be-maqsad jang ka aaghaz hua tha. Kher, mera irada in ki sulah karwana hargiz ni hai.  =)
Insani nafs, ghalazat se bhara para hai. Isliay tmam Anbia A.S insan ko in tmam ghalazat se paak krne k liay he bhejay gy.
Ayen is pr thori dair ghor krte hain, k ajkal hmary muashray me nafs ki ghulami kis tran se ki jati hai.
Larkon ki ye nature hai (ye un k ikhtiyar me nhi) k girls hmesha se he unhen attractive lgti hain. isay badalna nihayat mushkil kaam hai. Or isi tran koi b larki ye kbi bardasht ni krti k uska shohar ksi or larki ki traf mutawajo ho, or ye larki ki nature hoti hai(ye un k ikhtiyar me nhi) isay apki koi b logic badal ni skti.

Jb ak larki ki shadi hoti hai to wo apna sb kch chor kr ati hai, uska wapis jana ak namumkin c bat hoti hai, khas tor pr mashriki muashray me. Jb mard shadi krte huay ak pakeeza larki ki khuahish krta hai, to orat ye q ni sochti? Us k zehn me sirf khof or dar q hota hai?, Kis cheez ka khof or dar? Ye ak mard kbi ni smjh skta.
Or inhi larkon ki aish ka bais bnne wali larkian kon hoti hain. jo ksi or ghr ki izat hoti hain. Darasal ajkal ksi ko b anay walay kal me koi dilchaspi ni rhi. Jaise ap logon ne suna e ho ga “Do or die”,  “geo or jeene do” wagera. Is tran k saray phrases ne hmen tabah kr k rkh dia hai. Sara kch aj he kr lo, kya pta kal ho na ho, sahi kaha na mene? Or is ko char chand lgaen hain mobile or internet ne. Kis kadar ghalat istemal kia ja rha hai inka, iska apko achi tran se andaza hai.

Me ye smjhti hun k hmari nojwan nasal, family se zayada doston ko apna kherkhwa smjhti hai. Chalen mana agr family apki kherkhwa ni b hai to dost to kbi ho he ni skte. Q k hmaray parents ki kul kainat un k bachay e hotay hain, laikn dost? un ki ak alag b duniya hoti hai, jis me unki family ati hai. Ye bat darust hai k maa-baap or bachon me generation gap hota hai jo hmara apna he generate kia hua hota hai, laikn behn bhaion me to ni hota. Phir ksi ghair ksi gher ki he zroort hoti hai. Allah ne hmen bahanay bnane ka koi moka ni dia. Jis jis cheez ki zroort insaan ko hoti hai Allah insaan ko deta hai.
Hmesha insaan ko yehi q lgta hai k sinf-e-mukhalif  he inki bat zayada bhtr smjh skti hai? Agr aisa hai b to shadi ka intezar q ni krtay.

Actually insaan ka asal masala he yehi hai k wo hmesha waqt se pehle or qismat se zayada chahta hai. Or ye gunah me lazat he wo wja hote ha k insan ko shadi qaid khana lgne lgti hai, or usay apne ilawa hr ak zalim lgta hai.  Jo log larkion ko dost kehna afford ni kr sktay wo unhen behan kehne lgte hain, or aisa he kch larkian b krti hain. Mun-bolay rishton ka tasawur to Allah ne Hazrat Zaid or Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W k rishtay ko b nhi dia tha. To hm kon hotay hain sawal krne walay. Or Surah Ahzab ayah 32 me to Allah ne aurat ko gher mard se narm lehjay me bat krne se b mna kia hai. To ye kon se qanoon or bahane bna liay hm ne behayai k?
To mene is in sb baton se ye andaza lgaya k hm to naam k muslmaan hai he, hmaray nafs or khuahishat ka musalman hona be-had zroori hai. Wrna lrai jis tran chalti a ri hai, us tran chalti rhegi.  =)

Thori dair thehriay or sochiay k kaheen ap b to is khrab mahool ka hisa to ni? Hm kis mun se jaeen gai khuda k samne.
Or jaisa k Insaan pani ka bulbula hai, pta ni hmaray pass kitna waqt hai, hme moka millay na milay. =)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Rich And The Poor

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There was a time when Romans were considered to be the superpower of the world but if we compare the current state of Pakistan to the Roman Empire we’ll find startling similarities.
The general population was burdened with ever increasing taxes that filled pockets of the ruling elites, same is the case in Pakistan.
Roman rulers basked in the most luxurious living environments while the public lived in conditions that can be compared to animals used to pull carts. Same thing happens in the Pakistan of today. For example, while Pakistan PM Raja Parvez Ashraf, also known as Raja Rental for alleged corruption during his term as the power minister, was in England on a private tour, people of Pakistan were lined up at CNG stations to get some gas to keep their cars running. They spent days and nights in long lines. And I hope you have not forgotten the Presidential tour of Ajmer Sharif.
This reminds me of an incident. Once in a Kingdom, some people were protesting for they had no bread to eat. The Queen summoned the maid and inquired about the reason behind the protest and when told that people did not even have any bread to eat, she replied ‘why don’t they eat cake?’
Khud to doobey hain sanam, tumhen bhi le dooben ge
All of this happens because everybody is busy in their own lives. Why doesn’t anyone show any reaction? Those sitting on the throne in the Presidential palaces have no idea about what is going on in their sultanates, and people like me and you have no care for what hell has become loose beyond the four walls of our houses.  Maybe because we has become numb, just like the Romans. Indifference is at the root of the biggest nuisance to a society. Why don’t we protest instead of lining up for CNG? Nobody is willing to become the first drop of rain. Allah does not change the condition of the people until they don’t change it themselves. Romans did not have divine guidelines, we do.
“If you don’t resist, you never exist”

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Real Beauty of Women

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 Islam is only Religion that gives that value to women that nothing else could have in this world. Europeans and non-Muslims talking about the rights of women but they do not know what is the real right of women, actually women of non-Muslims and our modern society have become a thing which have some affordable value. And because of that women is used just for entertainment. they just misusing and ignoring the real right of women.

But value of women in Islam is!!!

Women has value as relations,

Mother: having heaven under her feet.
Wife: care should be taken like princess.
daughter: A special blessing of Allah for parents.
Sister: A dignity and honor of brother.

In short, women is like that pearl people only can imagine about that pearl, but nobody have power to check, touch and even to buy whatever they want to pay for. But only that person will have it free of cost who has legal rights according to Islam.