Monday, 24 November 2014

Magical Herb-Turmeric

A month ago, my mother slipped on the floor and got knee injury. We gave her first aid immediately but after few days, she still has pain. And when mom is on bed, everything goes wrong at home. =p
After few days, I was sitting with my friends in the university and one of my friend mentioned that her grandma recommends turmeric as a painkiller. Oh yes! Turmeric. It clicked on my mind. I came home; boiled milk with half teaspoon turmeric and cardamom for my mom to drink. Now she is perfectly fine.
Turmeric is an important part of South Asian cuisine. It has strong bitter taste, releases a musky aroma and adds color to the food. But turmeric is much more than just a spice in food. It is a powerful medicine used from centuries in Chinese and Indian medicine.

It improves our Immune System:

Immunity is the capacity of body to fight diseases. It helps our body to fight with virus and bacteria. So it is very important to have good immune system. Good diet, good sleep, regular exercise all improve immunity, but there is also something else that can boost our immunity. Yes Turmeric.
Regular use of turmeric can improve our immune system and maintain good health. And reduce the chances of common and serious diseases from flu to cancer and from cancer to depression.

It prevents and treats cancer:

Some people confuse the word turmeric and Curcumin but turmeric is a complete herb and Curcumin component is extracted from turmeric that prevents cancer cells to grow. This natural inexpensive medicine is used by many people without knowing that it is a magical medicine that prevents cancer at early and advanced stages without side effects.
Many research associations are working on turmeric, which not only reveal that turmeric blocks cancer cells but many studies have shown that it reduces the size of tumor. It is the best cure for skin cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, mouth cancer caused by smoking and many other types. Researches shows that there are low rate of these types of cancers in the countries where people use turmeric in there food on daily basis.

Magical spice for Diabetic Patients:

Super spice, turmeric, benefits diabetic patients without any serious side effects. Curcumin extracted from turmeric, has the ability to stop the forming of fatty deposits on the inner surface of arteries. Chinese Center of Disease Control found that if people with type 2 diabetes take 300 mg Curcumin every day for 12 weeks, it reduces their glucose level and insulin resistance.
Insulin resistance occurs when a body fails to respond to insulin, due to blood sugar, known as pre-diabetes because it increases the risk of diabetes.
A study published in Journal of Nutrition in 2011, found that insulin level decreased in people who ate turmeric in their meal even if the food is high in fats.

Healing power of turmeric:

Skin injury is known as wound. There are two types of wounds; open wound that is cut in the skin and close wounds. Damaged and bleeding skin is open to germs and pollution so the risk of infection is high. It should be cured immediately to prevent infection.
Both these types can be cured by a simple home remedy that is, of course, turmeric =p Turmeric has a strong healing power and that also prevent infections and can be used as a super pain killer as I mentioned above. Curcumin, extracted component of turmeric, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which quickens the healing process and lessens the chances of scars formation.

Turmeric and Brain:

New researches reveals that how a simple yellow spice regenerate the damaged brain cells. Before I did research on turmeric, I didn’t know how this spice is effective for brain diseases from migraine to Alzheimer.
According to German scientists, a compound found in turmeric helps in the growth of nerve cells and increases the brain’s ability to repair itself. German scientists observed this through a trial, based on rats.
In this experiment, rats were injected by the naturally found compound in the turmeric- Aromatic-turmerone. Their brains were than monitored and it was observed that particular parts of the brain were seen to be more active after Aromatic-turmerone was injected. Those parts of the brain are more involved in the growth of nerve cells. Scientists say that this compound may encourage in the production of brain cells.
Many brain diseases like brain tumors, Alzheimer, brain damage etc. can be cured by turmeric to some extent. The major credit of low rate of Alzheimer in Asian countries goes to the use of turmeric in curries. It is also effective for so many other diseases.


  1. Wow I never knew all these things about turmeric before. I can't believe that it has so many healing properties and benefits for the body. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Oh my, who knew? I don't think I've ever had turmeric before but it does sound magical. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I've heard of how good turmeric can be for you. Possible that it is also a placebo effect- I know placebo effects work on me!

  4. Wow great info! I've heard of this before but had no idea how good it was or the benefits! Very interesting to know!

  5. That's so interesting! my husband has bad knees so maybe I'll have to have him try turmeric. :) I know our parents give us lots of different asian remedies that we've tried. some worked and some didn't.

  6. I've been doing alot of research on this herb lately... I'm a health nut and have been thinking of adding to my diet ;-)

  7. Turmeric has a high antioxidant content so it's really good for the health. It's interesting to know that it prevents and treats cancer. I wonder if it can also treat those with high severity levels.

  8. Great post! I had no idea that Tumeric had so many health benefits. I'll definitely try to incorporate it into our cooking more!

  9. I never knew Tumeric was so good for you! I love finding new herbs to incorporate into our lives. Thanks for this!

  10. Oh wow never knew so much about tumeric definitely a wonder product will treat with a lot more respect than just sploshing in my chicken recipes to give colour.

  11. I've read a lot of great things on the health benefits of adding turmeric in your diet.

  12. I have heard so much health benefits from it - we do have a drink of that for detox too.

  13. Herbs have amazing hidden health and beauty properties.we only have to explore them and avoid to use chemical based products.