Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Rich And The Poor

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There was a time when Romans were considered to be the superpower of the world but if we compare the current state of Pakistan to the Roman Empire we’ll find startling similarities.
The general population was burdened with ever increasing taxes that filled pockets of the ruling elites, same is the case in Pakistan.
Roman rulers basked in the most luxurious living environments while the public lived in conditions that can be compared to animals used to pull carts. Same thing happens in the Pakistan of today. For example, while Pakistan PM Raja Parvez Ashraf, also known as Raja Rental for alleged corruption during his term as the power minister, was in England on a private tour, people of Pakistan were lined up at CNG stations to get some gas to keep their cars running. They spent days and nights in long lines. And I hope you have not forgotten the Presidential tour of Ajmer Sharif.
This reminds me of an incident. Once in a Kingdom, some people were protesting for they had no bread to eat. The Queen summoned the maid and inquired about the reason behind the protest and when told that people did not even have any bread to eat, she replied ‘why don’t they eat cake?’
Khud to doobey hain sanam, tumhen bhi le dooben ge
All of this happens because everybody is busy in their own lives. Why doesn’t anyone show any reaction? Those sitting on the throne in the Presidential palaces have no idea about what is going on in their sultanates, and people like me and you have no care for what hell has become loose beyond the four walls of our houses.  Maybe because we has become numb, just like the Romans. Indifference is at the root of the biggest nuisance to a society. Why don’t we protest instead of lining up for CNG? Nobody is willing to become the first drop of rain. Allah does not change the condition of the people until they don’t change it themselves. Romans did not have divine guidelines, we do.
“If you don’t resist, you never exist”