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Super Healthy Green Tea

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Green tea stems from China but has now found its place in almost all civilizations of Asia. It is extracted from the plant known as Camellia Sinensis. It is used in various nectars which makes it one of the healthiest beverage on earth.
One of the research scientists Christopher Ochner, Ph.D. says about green tea
“It is the healthiest thing I can think of to drink”

Benefits of Green Tea:

It is full of nutrients that leave powerful impression on body. Diverse uses of green tea include 
  1. To enhance mental attentiveness and senses
  2. To decrease laziness and fatigue
  3. Remedy for weight loss
  4. Treat stomach ailment 
  5. Improves general health
  6. Its use further extends to cure heart diseases, diabetes, low blood pressure, kidney stones, skin damage, gum infection and so on 
  7. Reduces tumor growth
  8. Plays role in preventing stroke 
  9. Reduce bad breath
And the list goes on. 
Green tea is generally taken in various forms like
  • Tea bags 
  • Instant powder
  • Bottled tea 
  • As a supplement in liquid form or capsule
In spite of enormous benefits and uses everything in balance is good, anything in excess no matter how good always has some adverse side effects and risks.

Precautions and Risks:

Some precautions and risks are given below 
  1. Always try to access good quality brand of green tea.
  2. It contains caffeine. Though in less amount but still it can cause serious damage to caffeine sensitive people 
  3. It can interact with other herbs, medications or supplements, for example if taken with drugs chances are it can increase blood pressure and heart rate
  4. Taking green tea with milk can reduce its value 
  5. It may cause constipation, diarrhea, nausea, restlessness, trouble sleeping
  6. Severe allergic reactions 
  7. Mental or mood changes
  8. Irregular Heartbeat
Hence, green tea is not mere a green liquid. Regular intake is considered as healthy practice. But your health also depends on your routine and lifestyle. Green tea cannot do anything if you do not take care of other things such as sleep routine, smoking, etc. Be active and have healthy diet !!!!!

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