Sunday, 2 November 2014

How to remove Freckles

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Freckles are flat, round and dark colored spots and may not be felt by the finger tip. Freckles occur due to increase in a dark pigment on a particular area but they have no medical concerns. Freckles may be developed due to sun exposure, hormonal imbalance or they may be inherited. Freckles can appear anywhere on the body but mostly appear on the area often exposed to sun. Women with fair and lighter complexion are more prone to freckles and dark spots because they are more prominent on fair complexion. Freckles are of different colors on different skin tones, that may be red, yellow, black or dark brown.
There are many modern techniques to cure freckles like laser, bleaching and cosmetics but it again comes to chemicals that may affect your skin in some other ways and these techniques can also be very expensive. On the safer side, there are many homemade remedies to cure freckles with no side effects.
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Remedies to get rid of Freckles:

Sour Cream: 

This remedy is not so effective for inherited freckles. Lactic acid present in sour milk and sour cream lightens freckles. Apply sour cream or milk on to the effected area. Let it dry for few minutes; wash off with cold water.


Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is the best thing to remove dark spots and freckles. Apply lemon juice to the effected area. If you feel it is too strong, then mix a spoon of yogurt in it. Or rub half lemon on your face for few minutes.


Warm honey and apply onto freckle affected area, set it for few minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
Or alternatively you can make herbal mask by mixing honey with wheat germ. Apply this mask onto freckle area; let it set for 15 minutes then wash off this mask. This may be the most effective mask for freckles.

Fruit masks: 

Regular use of fruit masks peel off the top layer of skin and lighten the freckles. Papaya juice is very effective to remove freckles and it is also used for other skin issues. Apply papaya juice directly to the skin, massage concentrating on freckles for 15 minutes then wash with water. You can use strawberry, banana and mint or juices of citric fruits to remove freckles. Apply them on to your skin for few minutes then wash with water.


Apply buttermilk on your face, let it dry completely then wash it with lukewarm water. Buttermilk has high bleaching effect; it also makes your skin lighter.


Cucumber seed extract or cucumber oil will help you to reduce freckles. It also helps your skin to glow and remove dark spots. Apply cucumber juice onto your skin twice a day, morning and evening.
Cucumber is a very good, safe and effective alternative of bleaching and whitening creams.


Eggplant is another effective remedy from your kitchen to lighten freckles and dark spots. Take a slice of fresh eggplant and rub it on your face in circular motion for 3 to 4 minutes. Leave the eggplant juice on your face for 15 minutes before you wash it with water. This may not remove freckles but will lighten them for sure.


Soak 2 almonds in warm water, peel them and finally crush almonds. Mix those almonds with 1 tsp lemon and egg white. Apply this mask on your face and leave until dry. Then wash the mask off with water. It not only removes freckles but also make your skin glow.


Take a fresh slice of ginger roots and rub it onto the freckled area for few minutes.  Use it twice or thrice a day. You will feel the difference in 15 days hopefully.


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