Monday, 20 October 2014

Daily Hand Care Tips

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Beautiful hands are the symbol of our beautiful and attractive personality. We do everything with our hand so they are bound to get weary and tired. Since they an important part of our body, they cannot be neglected and should be cared as much as we pay attention to our face beauty. 
Is it fair that you have glowing, smooth, soft and attractive face, but your hands are looking rough and ugly? Obviously, no. Your hands must be considered as an important part of grooming your personality.
I am going to write some daily hand care tips for you:

Use Lotion:

Use any suitable lotion on your hands; moisturizing lotion in winter because in winter the skin becomes dry and starts cracking, which may be painful. In sunny hot days, use sunscreen lotions to prevent harmful rays to touch your skin directly.

Regular Massage:

Make regular massage of your hands a habit to stimulate blood circulation in your hands. No need to use special creams, your routine cream/lotion is enough but if you want to do something more, then I have some homemade hand care massage masks.
Rub the back of one hand with the palm of other, this hand movement will keep your hand warm and help in blood circulation.


Wear gloves when you are doing kitchen work, specially while cutting vegetables and washing dishes.  It also saves you from oil drops that may not cause something severe but can leave small dots on your hands. Or oil your hands before cutting the vegetables, it will protect your hands from knife signs on your hand.  Moreover, in winter cold air is skin damaging for hands, it takes away the moisture from your hands.

Clean your Hands:

Clean your hand 4 5 times a day but do not wash your hand too much because more of everything is harmful and it will make the skin rough around the nails.


 For the beautiful and healthy hands you should do exercise daily.  
  1. Make a fist and open/close your hands 20 to 25 times.
  1. Rub your hands in both vertical and horizontal directions.

At last, hope the above information will help you and your hands will feel better in 2 or 3 weeks. If you think there is something missing do tell me, or you have any suggestions or a question in your mind Ask Miss Tipsy :)

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