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6 Reasons why you should care more about the quality of your sleep

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Sleep has the key role in our physical and mental health. In our busy routine, sleep is often the thing we neglect and we become least concerned about it.
How much sleep we need: 7 to nine hours of sound sleep is recommendable by experts
Many of us don't bother to get enough sleep, so here are some benefits of having a good night's sleep:

1. Balance your weight: 

The first step to lose or balance weight is to have a good routine, and go to bed early. Our metabolism works fast while sleeping and burns more calories. If you are on diet but not have a good sleep then you lose 55% less fats than if you sleep well and one another factor that can cause obesity is it makes us feel more hungry. So we can conclude that poor sleep is one of the strongest threat for our body to gain weight. 

2. Healthy brain:

 Improper sleep affects our mental productivity a lot and the best time for brain development is the rapid eye movement. Rapid eye movement is the stage of deep sleep which stores new information in long term memory on which our performance depends. REM is the sleep in which we dream but with time lack of REM is observed in our society.
According to research, throughout the day, we collect information, memorize them, make new memories and learn a lot that at the end of the day, the information and ideas create a mess in the brain. To reorganize all the stuff, we need REM; otherwise it can cause immunity decline, damaged DNA, stress and many more such problems. 
REM is the necessity of our mind because it develops problem solving skills, decision making power, makes us creative and concentrated, improves learning skills and controls our emotions.

3. Healthy heart:

Poor sleep and heart disease has a very strong relation. Heart diseases and sleep is like two way traffic. Poor sleep can cause heart disease and heart diseases can cause poor sleep, as reported in Harvard heart letters. Many researchers found that less sleep or less REM stage have higher risk of heart attack or stroke. Numerous studies show that poor sleep is associated with high blood pressure, irregular heart disease, coronary heart diseases and many more. So take good care of your sleep and reduce stimulants.

4. Get Beautiful skin:

If you sleep well, it is reflected on your face. Days said in a book Forget the Facelift, "Your skin and your whole body ,goes into repair mode when you sleep". Not enough sleep grabs the glow of your face, causes dark circles and makes you angry and irritating. Day-time is so stressful for your skin due to pollution, environment and temperature but at night skin feels relaxed.

5. Sleep is an anti-aging tool: 

We try many anti-aging products and treatments just to look younger, but we never realize that sleep is much more beneficial than anti-aging products. The best of anti-aging creams do not perform as well and cheap as a quality sleep does because deep sleep is the time when your body has time to repair and renew damage and fatigue, helping to smooth wrinkles.
A research shows that, during sleep our skin produces certain type of hormones. Different amount of sleep every night disturbs those hormones that can damage cellular level of your skin which can cause aging.

6. Improves Immune System:

A good sleep can not only prevent diseases like flu, cold etc. but also helps to recover from diseases. According to the research held at Carnegie Mellon University in the US, people who slept less than 7 hours increase the risk of catching cold three more times than those who slept 8 hours or more. Lack of sleep over a long period of time welcomes weight gain, diabetes, heart disease etc.

You see that how important it is for us to sleep so avoid taking stimulants and manage your sleep. You will get good results. So start from tonight =)

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