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Prevent and Cure Flu in Winter

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Prevent and Cure flu in Winter
I did not like winters because it was a flu season for me. From the mid of November to start of February, I used to be on medication and it was the toughest time of the year for me. Every year my priority problem was flu and my schedules were disturbed. I thought what would be the end of this, then I started to search that what should I do and how to cure it. I tried many remedies to get relief. Now I am going to share the most effective ones with you.

Wash your Hands:

In winters, it is difficult for us to wash hands and go outside. Due to these factors germs mostly stick to our hands and transfer to one another. We should regularly wash our hands before and after meal because washing hands kills off germs. If you already have flu than wash your hands more frequently, so you can recover faster.

Drink Hot Beverages:

Drinking hot beverages is the most important remedy to cure flu. Research studies show that hot drinks help to recover from cold, fight with the symptoms and reduce congestion. Asian countries are addicted to hot beverages and food in winters like soups and herbal teas, because herbal teas can not only keep you warm but also give your throat a soothing effect and improve your immune system.

Inhale Steam:

Take a pot of boiling water and hold your head over it. Cover your head with a towel and breath slowly through nose. Don’t let steam to burn your nose.
Inhaling steam makes you feel better. It unblocks chest congestion and nasal blockage, improves breathing and kills heat sensitive germs.

Herbal treatment(Ginger and Garlic):

Another way to prevent and cure flu and cold is through natural ingredients. Ginger and garlic is used as a remedy for several problems, flu is one of them. Garlic improves your immune system and ginger can treat common cold. You can take ginger and garlic in many ways like you can use it in your cup of herbal tea, or add it in a bowl of soap or you can also add it in your regular meal.

Stay Hydrated:

When you have flu, your body produces more secretion in which your body moisture is used. Taking more fluids makes it less sticky, hence it can easily pass out through nasal track. Your body needs water to fight with infections. Limit the amount of caffeine you take that can cause dehydration.

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