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Natural Migraine Treatment

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Three years back, I was the suffering from severe migraine attacks. I got the medical treatment for quite a long time, which reduced the frequency migraine attacks and their severity but on the occurrence of triggers, it started again. Then I started practicing remedies to get relief from this painful head aching. No doubt that medication is effective but it is good to take medication side by side with different therapies at home.
Triggers for migraine are different for different people. Some people get migraine by dairy products, some get by noise pollution. Lack of sleep, alcohol, weather changes, stress are some other triggers.
Read on to get my personally experienced remedies that can reduce or completely stop migraine pains.


Almonds are the best remedy for migraine according to many sufferers. Studies show that eating 10-12 almonds can treat 20 types of headaches; from tension headache to extremely painful migraine can be lessened by almonds.
Some people say that almonds trigger migraine pain, so keep track of how almonds act for your pain.

Frozen peas or ice packs:

OMG, it reminds me of the winter night, when I suffered severe migraine and I put frozen peas on back of my neck. Imagine! Winters and frozen peas. But believe me, it works.
You just have to lie down, close your eyes and put an ice bag on the back of your neck and on the forehead.

Keep track of your diet:

Maintain your food journal because certain food and drinks triggers migraine pain to many people. Food takes half an hour to 12 hours to react. Note down everything that you eat and if you observe that certain food is triggering migraine, try to eliminate it from your diet. Mostly alcohol, chocolates, cheese, caffeine are common foods that can trigger migraine.


Massage is known as effective home remedy for headache from centuries. Massaging scalp and back of your head with oil will reduce head pain.
Other than that for temporarily relief, rub your temple and get neck and shoulder massage. In a small study, it was stated that the people who had regular massage sessions have less frequency of migraine headaches.

Keep room dark:

People who are suffering from migraine are mostly irritated by light. When you get migraine, just sit down immediately and try to find dark place. Close your eyes and relax in the dark and quite place. You will feel comfortable soon. Sleep if you can.

Take a bath with lights off:

I just mentioned that relaxing in a dark room has a soothing effect on the body. Add a refreshing bath to it and you'll feel even better. Taking bath with lights off is very relaxing as people with migraine pains are more sensitive to light. A bath naturally refreshes the mind and body and a bath in low lighting conditions is even more relaxing.

All these remedies are in range of everyone and more effective then one another.

Hope this post will be beneficial for you. If you have any suggestion, feedback or comment, don't forget to write it below in the comments area. And if you have any question in your mind, Ask Miss Tipsy.

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