Thursday, 25 September 2014

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

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Nothing is more attractive than thick and long hair. Most men and women are tensed that their hair is thinning due to several reasons, they don’t even know.
You should try some natural home remedies without side effects, before going for expensive medical treatments. Surely, natural remedies are the most inexpensive and easiest way to prevent hair loss.

Causes for hair fall:

There can be several factors that can cause hair fall. But I discuss few most common causes.
  • -          Hair loss can be a side effect of health problem or a medicine. (thyroid problem, a disease or an infection)
  • -          Environmental effect including water
  • -          Smoking
  • -          Stress
  • -          Lack of nutrition
  • -          Over styling: Using hair straightener, curler etc too often. Or tightly tied hair.

3 Effective home remedies:

Here are three effective home remedies and will enough to prevent hair fall. Natural ingredients we use in these remedies are not expensive and you could easily try them at home.

 Proper Oiling: 
Proper oiling makes your hair stronger and softer. The Asian practice of oil massage also provide relation to your mind. Choose any of these oils, available to you

-          Coconut oil
-          Olive oil
-          Almond oil
-     Mustard oil
Massage properly in the root. Leave for an hour, two or a night then rinse. Repeat this process twice a week. It will make you feel better. :)

  Onion juice and garlic:
Onion juice has high sulfur, which improves blood circulation to hair. Mash onion and garlic and extract juice from it. Apply to the roots of hair. Leave for half an hour and wash it off and shampoo.

Hair Masks:
Yogurt, egg white, milk, Aloe Vera juice or gel and Amla are the things you find can find in your homes. You can use any of these ingredients as a hair masks. No need to buy expensive hair masks with no guarantee.

Tips and precautions:

  1.  Trim once in a month
  2.  Stay hydrated: Drink a lot of water
  3. Take proper nutritious diet. Protein is the need of your hair to be alive.
  4. Reduce caffeine
  5. Reduce junk
  6.  Avoid heat styling
  7.  Exercise

Take care of your hair and stay happy J

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  1. A lot thanks to you for offering tips for hair growth. I am losing my personal hairs quick in age of 23 and I realize it is a direct consequence of wretchedness however this hair fall is expanding my despondence considerably more… Well, I will apply your suggestive tips. Hope I will recover my hairs.

  2. very interesting post dear.. i have left using conditioners and hair dryers.. they are seriously bad :)

  3. Very informative post. Thank you very much for the share.

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