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4 Easy Home made Masks for Oily Skin

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 Oily skin problems are always irritating and people wonder what the cause of this problem is.
Oily skin results pimples, blackheads, dullness and is too shinny. It ruins makeup and mood also. Don’t worry and fight back with natural ingredients. Here are some common causes for oily skin:

Causes for oily skin:

  • Cosmetics:
overuse use of cosmetics,
Using Incorrect cosmetics,
Excessive use of skin care products cause oily skin
“Excessiveness of everything is dangerous”

  • Improper diet like oily food
  • Environment:  Hot and sweaty weather causes your skin to become oily and increase oil production level.
  • Stress may cause pimples
  • Health problems

Oily skin care tips:

Regular cleansing: regularly cleanse your skin every morning and night with pH balanced cleanser. Foaming cleansers are good to get rid of oily skin.
Icing: Use simple ice cubes or rose water ice cubes on face, in summers.

4 home made masks for oily Skin

Clay mask: 
Mix Bentonite or green clay with honey and water. Add more water if mask is too dry. Apply his mask on your face. leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water.
Egg mask:
Mix two tablespoon of egg white with few drops of lemon juice and olive oil. After cleansing apply this mask to face. leave for 10 minute and wash with water.

Gram Flour masks:
 Mix gram flour, lemon juice and milk in equal quantities well to form a paste. Apply to face like a soup and wash. You can use this mask daily. 1 tablespoon of everything is enough for a day.

Lemon juice and Honey mask:
Lemon juice is used in grease cutting masks. Mix lemon juice with honey in equal quantity. Apply to face and leave for 10 minute. Then wash.


  1. Proper cleansing
  2. Avoid sun heat
  3. Limit washing your face. Too much washing will cause more oil production.
  4. Don’t remove blackheads with hands and don’t touch pimples again and again. It will leave mark.

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